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    eSculpture Community FAQs

    Welcome to the eSculpture Community Forum. We are a community of global artists,suppliers and fans that are passionate about all things sculpture. Meet, chat and discuss your latest artwork, get tech help, and advice. We hope that interacting with others here will open your mind, spark passion and inspire you to create. Remember it is our thoughts that become ideas that lead to great art!

    This forum is a subsection of eSculpture. eSculpture is an online platform that allows artist creating 3-D artwork to open a retail gallery and sell there creations and services to a broad base of art lovers, designers and collectors around the world. Business that support artist with supplies, casting services, mold making, etc are also represented. Our posting rules are pretty simple. When you sign up for an account you agree to the below rules. You can read our entire site faqs here.

    Prohibited Comments and Discussions

    Any comments that are racist, bigoted, or target a specific religion are prohibited. No offensive remarks that based on sexual preference or gender is allowed. Comments which are personally insulting or abusive are also prohibited. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding this and you account will be disabled.
    Our moderators do not read every single post made to the eSculpture Community Forum. If you feel a post violates our rules, you can click the “report abuse” icon at the bottom right of that post. The mod team will be notified.

    Spam Comments

    Any non related, off topic comments or links that are used for promoting outside companies, products or websites will be removed. At our discretion we may ban or delete your account.

    Popular Questions & Answers

    How do I sign up?

    There are two ways you can sign up for an eSculpture account. By registering here you will be redirected to our main website sign up page. This will allow you acess to all of our full features of our retail website and as well as our Community Forum. If you just want access to features of our Community Forum you can simply register here.

    Can I sell my artwork, supplies or services on this forum?

    eSculpture has a dedicated retail market place for selling artwork, supplies and services. It is strictly for artist that create sculpted art with dimension. As well as companies that sell supplies and services to these artist. Some examples of artwork sold in the market are: sculptures both hand sculpted, reproduced by the artist and 3-D printed. Both contemporary and modern styles from all different materials. Hand blown glass vases, wall sculptures and Sci-Fi Replica Props. Service examples are: 3-D printing from files. Mold making, casting and refinishing. No used items, secondary market items, antiques are allowed. Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions about the marketplace. Additionally you can learn about opening up your own retail gallery storefront here.

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